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This site has some more options than Ecwid, more language options and more SEO options as Edwid is a 100% AJAX shopping cart widget. The advantage of Ecwid is that you can use it on any type of site.

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Get An International Local Phone Number TollFreeForwarding Review

TollFreeForwarding.com™ provides International Phone Numbers to businesses that want to attract more international customers, and better serve existing ones. We offer Toll Free and Local Phone Numbers in over 75 countries and 800 cities, including the USA. Our global telecom network routes the calls hitting these international phone numbers straight to our customers existing offices, or call centers. We also provide a Virtual PBX Phone System with any of our phone lines.

How will help your online business?

TollFreeForwarding.com Instantly Change International Call Forwarding Settings  specializes in international call forwarding. We do this better than anyone else by providing you with a reliable service that makes you accessible to your customers around the globe. Your call forwarding settings can be changed by you instantly depending on your needs. You can forward incoming calls to your existing call center or office anywhere in the world. Your new phone number can ring to several locations in different countries. For example, your new phone number can be forwarded to your reservation center in England and your customer service center in France. Let’s say you add a new office in Belgium and want to forward calls there; you can.

Your calls can be forwarded wherever they need to go.SIP (VoIP) Forwarding In addition to forwarding calls through the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), our network is able to route phone calls across the Internet. SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol, refers to enterprise-grade VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol).

Many customers appreciate the per-minute cost savings of SIP and find that the enterprise-grade lines provide excellent sound quality and reliability. To forward calls to a SIP device, you would provide a SIP address instead of a forwarding phone number.

A SIP address looks like an email address, a few examples are 8885551212@, 8885551212@mysip.mydomain.com, or even joe@mysip.mydomain.com. We support G.711 µ-Law and G.729 codecs, T.38 fax-relay, and RTP-NTP for DTMF-relay. Calls can instantly failover to PSTN if your SIP device fails for any reason.Time/Day Call Routing You can control where calls are forwarded during specified times of the day and days of the week. Our system lets you forward calls to your call center while it’s open, to your office during business hours, and then to VoiceMail2MyEmailSM at night.

If you have staff working at different times in multiple locations, you can arrange to forward calls to different places at different times. For example, you can forward calls to your sales associate in Beijing during business hours there, and forward calls to your associate in Buenos Aires during business hours there. Call centers know this as “Follow The Sun” call routing. Calls can be forwarded to the call center that is open during local business hours.

You can also send calls directly to VoiceMail2MyEmailSM on weekends.Simultaneous Ringing Your business won’t miss a call when your new phone number is forwarded to ring at multiple phone numbers simultaneously. Calls can be automatically forwarded to 15 different phone numbers that will all ring at the same time.

The call will be connected to the first phone that answers.Sequential Ringing If the first phone number you specified doesn’t answer, calls will be forwarded to the next phone number you provided. Just let us know which phones to ring and in what order. Sequential ringing has been a valuable feature for our clients.

For those with multiple call centers, when all the phones at one call center are busy, sequential ringing allows customer calls to be forwarded to another call center to be answered. Another popular use of sequential ringing is to have an office desk phone ring first and if not answered, the call is then forwarded to a mobile phone.Simultaneous and Sequential Ringing You can combine both simultaneous and sequential ringing. Several phones can ring simultaneously and, if none of them are answered, calls will be forwarded to other designated phones.

Calls will start ringing on the new set of phones until one of them is answered.International Ringback Tones If you’ve ever called another country, you may have noticed that after you dialed the number, the ringback tone you hear is different than in your country. Callers are used to the ringback tone of their country so, to comfort the caller, we offer authentic ringback tones for all the countries where we provide phone numbers.Instantly Activate New Local and International Phone Numbers on Your Existing Account Get a phone number where you want more customers. Make it easy for your customers to reach you using a phone number that is local to them. TollFreeForwarding.com has phone numbers in more places than any other company. Our broad inventory lets you get the phone numbers you want as you need them now and in the future.

Select Your Phone Number Choose your new phone number from our list of available international toll-free and local phone numbers. We display our inventory of phone numbers so you can select the one you want. The phone number you choose for your free trial is the one you keep, so you can start advertising your new phone number as soon as you get it. Find a new phone number now. Instant Activation In three minutes you can have your new phone number and start receiving calls.

Go to our free trial page and sign up now. Your phone number will be instantly activated and your free trial begins. After your free trial, you keep this phone number and continue enjoying uninterrupted service. You can instantly add more phone numbers to your account as needed. We have come to the end of this TollFreeForwarding Review.

Start your free trial or buy now .

The best affiliate networks

There are a lot of interesting affiliate networks to choose from when you want to start with affiliate marketing. We want to help you choosing the right affiliate network.

Plimus works like clickbank but Plimus offers different products and services and it is easier to get accepted.

Markethealth – Focuses more on health/wellbeing based offers, mostly physical products, easy to get accepted.

Linkshare – Easy to get accepted, great tracking. However often has lower commission rates because merchants have to pay a lot for the use of their service and technology. Payments often take longer than other networks.

As Seen On PC – Relatively easy to get accepted, but prefers if you can show an example website. Great because they have a lot of physical product offerings with solid payouts, which is good for your newsletter sequence if you are looking for more products to promote in a particular list or on your website.

Commission Junction – Easy to get accepted, commissions rates vary wildly, some are good, others are terrible. The interface is a little tricky, but easy when you get the hang of it. Offers a wide variety of offers, some are really well known. Offers product feeds.

Shareasale – Good ever growing selection of offers, not as large as CJ but on average the commissions are much better. Relatively easy to join and to use.

Neverblueads – They prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates to apply here. It would be better to set up and promote a clickbank or other affiliate product first before applying here so you can show an example of your website(s). Make sure you mention you will be sending a lot of ppc traffic (if you will be) as this is a good selling point to get yourself accepted here. Has great affiliate managers.

Azoogle – Similar to Neverblueads in that they prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates. They run regular affiliate contests to spice things up. I haven’t used Azoogle much myself yet but I hear good things about their affiliate managers from other affiliate friends of mine.

Affiliate.com – Similar to Neverblueads in that they prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates. Some good CPA offers here, but not a huge variety. That said, some affiliates are making a killing off their top few offers.

Uniqueleads – Prefer intermediate and advanced affiliates, has some great performing offers and is an up and coming affiliate cpa network.

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  • The Logo Creator Software The Logo Creator is a software product for both Mac and Windows. It creates logos, page headers, web graphics and SO much more!
  • Keyword Canine 2.0 (Yearly Access) Find highly profitable niches instantly and do precise competition analysis on any keyword, do comprehensive backlink analysis on your competition or phrase with the click of a button.
  • WP Internal Links - Developers License Brand New! Linking Plugin (Google Loves) That Will Push Your Rankings PAST Your Competitors! (Developers license)

How to seo optimise bilingual websites

For multi-lingual content you have two choices:

1) Create a seperate site for each language and manually add the content to the pages.
2) Store all the different language content in a database and use a simple ‘template’ page to pull in the content based on the requested language.

Method 2 is the best way as it means you just have one set of pages and your content is pulled in dynamically from the database. This also means that you can add many other languages and edit/moderate existing ones easily.

I’m currently building a website that needs to handle multi-lingual content and method 2 is the way I’m approaching it. To detect and pull in the language content from database I’m using the URL. This helps SEO too. I have some dynamic work going on which translates URLs aswell. For example, the same page but in different languages have this URL:


It can get a little complicated when translating URLs but for basic stuff it shouldn’t be too bad using ISO codes (en/es etc.).

I’m going to build in a part where it detects the users ‘accept language’ (most likely using code similar to the previously posted link) and then re-routes the user to the appropriate language. If the language is not detected then it will fall back to the ‘default’ language (the default language is controlled by the Admin from inside the CMS).

I don’t really want to Geolocate the user and choose the language as this can be unpredictable and also requires that the IP database is up-to-date. A hassle that I and the site admin can do without.

It’s also worth nothing that you should always provide an easy means for the user to switching the language at any time and on any page throughout the site (if you have more than one language that is). This is just a fallback in case the browser has it wrong or something else isn’t right. Perhaps the user just wants to see the site differently, who knows.

You could always do site.com/keyword.htm?lang=en etc.
Do like the pros do, put flags on top so that the visitors will make the obvious choice.

I tested it out when I first translated my pages. I heard negatives about creating subdomains because some people were saying your main site’s link juice might not pass to the subdomain properly.
After testing mysite.com/fr and having it indexed for awhile I then created fr.mysite.com and redirected mysite.com/fr (and related subpages) to the fr subdomain and saw a dramatic increase in SE rankings.
So from what I saw it was better to create a subdomain but it seems like all the big guns in my industry have different thoughts….and everyone is doing it different.

From my experience with trying to optimise for various countries, the BEST way is to have separate domains with the countries TLD as this lets the Se’s know the target country. Hosting is also an issue. If you have a .com hosted in the UK and are trying to target Germany, Google will assume as it’s hosted in the UK, it’s for UK users so won’t show up in the results in Germany if people select Pages from Germany when searching. My dad has this problem with his site, he has a .com, but it’s hosted in the US and he is targeting the UK. His site shows up when people search the web, but not when they have selected pages from the UK. I have told him many times to get his hosting changed, but he’s stubborn and it’s taking time for him to get around to it.

FOLDER STRUCTURE (voor als je niet met subdomeinen werkt):
root folder – contains index.htm, your splash page offering multiple languages
then inside that folder are two other folders
/english – contains the site in english
/french – contains the site in french

difficult decision, eh? the folder name will appear in the url, so if google indexes one language’s files and only some of the other, the url mysite.com/french/bonjour.htm hints that there’s one called mysite.com/english/welcome.htm

I’d personally use subdomains instead of directories here. Either that or just create two distinct sites, one in French and the other in English, and link to them appropriately.

[PHP] Auto language select bilingual website

script/function that recognises the language of the user’s browser but doens’t redirect the user to the appropriate language of the website: $_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"]

Give these links a try, they provide a means of detecting the (best) users’ language with the ‘Accept-Language’ header.

You’ll then need to do the necessary redirects/database lookups/etc. that suit your needs.

The Future of the Web » Parse Accept-Language to detect a user’s language
You could (assuming that all the content would just be text, and not lots of complex forms etc) look at the idea of having it get the data from a database, and just have a table for each language, then URL encode it, and use it that way…

More info can be found here

TrafficTravis Review – Professional Seo Tool

Free Download of Traffic Travis

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